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09 Jun

Protect yourself from the sun with Uriage's Bariésun

The sun has a beneficial effect on our body. It positively influences our mood and gives us light and warmth. Sun exposure al
05 May

Protect your baby from the sun

Children need more care than adults so we need to choose the sunscreen more carefully to protect against sunburn, preferably
25 Jul

How to protect hair from sun exposure

In summer, the hair needs protection and extra care against sun exposure. Too much sun, wind, sea water, chlorine and sand ha
11 Jul

Extending the golden color of summer

Learn how to extend your golden color this summer. Small changes in the shower or when eating can help. From food to cosmetic
14 Aug

Top sunblocks for your Summer

We all know about the health benefits from sun expusore besides the results in improvements in mood and energy. Sun exposure
02 Jul

The sun and the children

The benefits of sunlight are numberless. Besides the sense of well-being and joy that provides, sun is essential for bone str
27 May

Tips for summer hair care

The sun, it just feels amazing in summer, but it is bad for your hair. Ultraviolet rays reach your hair matrix, a type of cem
02 Jan

Be prepared with Clarins

  How to hydrate your skin? Indulge your skin and prevent facial aging every day before, during and after sun exposure.

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