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12 Feb

Myths about Hair

Myths about Hair

Myths exist in almost every area of our lives. Some are passed generation after generation and are law. But scientific studies have been proving that some of these knowledges are, in fact, myths.

Washing the hair frequently makes it oily

It is true that when we wash our hair we stimulate the sebaceous glands, but moderated oiliness makes the hair healthier and prettier. What happens most of the time is that we don’t use products suitable for our hair type, a thing that is fundamental for keeping a healthy hair. It is also important to rinse thoroughly so all rests of product are removed.

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You should change shampoos and conditioners frequently for they create habits and stop their effect

This is a very common myth, but it has been scientifically proved that time improves their results. The excessive use of styling products demands more frequent and deep washes, and this can lead you to feel that your using twice the amount of shampoo for the same result. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that external facts might lead you to change your hair products, such as age, climate change or hormonal periods (puberty, pregnancies).

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Moisturizing with completely natural ingredients like milk, olive oil and honey is more effective

Although these ingredients have moisturizing properties, they should not be used on their completely natural shape, as they’re not adapted to the hair fibber’s necessities. Nowadays there are formulas that contain these natural products and that are developed by scientists who can guarantee that the hair stays healthy.

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Conditioners are sufficient to moisturize the hair

Conditioners were made to conditionate the hair. For a complete moisturization it is necessary to wear a mask or cream and follow the products instructions.

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Letting the hair dry naturally is better than to use a blow-dry

Those of you who have a long hair should use the blow-dry as the water molecules penetrate the hair structure, removing Keratin and making them more fragile and drier.

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