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16 Apr

Hair Loss – Women’s biggest enemy?

Hair Loss – Women’s biggest enemy?

The loss of hair (which includes the natural hair renewal process), is completely normal, but the increase of female hair loss can have many causes and types.

The hair that we see, and touch is basically a strand of keratin protein formed by lamellar layers and overlapping central cortex. Within the scalp is the alive part of your hair. Just above the skin surface and shaft is the part normally called hair. The hair is very delicate and can be damaged by daily aggressors like the sun, sea water, chlorine, wind, pollution, air-conditioning and moisture.

However, the biggest assaults are caused by us every day when combing, styling or doing other chemical treatments. Therefore, it is not surprising that the hair suffers with all of these attacks and the longest and thinner the hair is, the greater will be the damage.

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Wet hair is easy to detangle, but the elasticity is in its maximum therefore the strands break and fall easily. There are products infused with silicone to ease combing and diminish brush friction, plus they give an anti-frizz effect.

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Once damaged, hair may break or feel porous and dull. Every aggressive chemical treatment, including color treatments, may aggravate the condition. You should stop the chemical treatment and use products to strengthen hair, preventing hair loss.

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It is also important to use an adequate hairbrush. These brushes have a 4-year expiration date. Specialists recommend that you switch your hair brush every 4 years, but they can also be changed before if they’re broken or damaged, as it can hurt your scalp and spread diseases.

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