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29 Jan

Find out more about Kat Von D with Loja Glamourosa!

Find out more about Kat Von D with Loja Glamourosa!

Surely everyone who's a makeup lover already heard of Kat Von D. The brand's beauty products are spread on the four corners of the world and their quality is aclaimed by everyone who tries them on.

According to Kat Von D herself, she never imagined that she was going to create her own makeup empire. But alongside her experts' team, she created something unique in the beauty market and, what makes the brand even more special is the fact that KVD is present in every product creation.


Lipstick, gloss, lip liner – Kat Von D has everything you need to keep the perfect makeup on your lips with colors that go from classic to bold. Studded Kiss, which is one of the brand's star products, is an innovating lipstick that fills the lips with an audacious color, long-lasting wear and luxury comfort.


From the Everlasting line, Kat Von D has created Everlasting Lip Liner and Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, two products created to go hand in hand. With a large color spectrum, they're very comfortable and light weighted and provide a long-lasting wear.

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It has been proved that the eyes have a really important power when it comes to the first contact we have with someone else. It's not by chance that people usually say that "the eyes are the mirror of the soul". And, of course, the makeup we wear on our eyes can say a lot about our personality. Metal Crush Eyeshadow, for instance, is an eyeshadow with an intense pigment and an unstoppable wear fold-proof! The colors have a bold metallic finish and are ideal for women that aren't afraid to leave their comfort zone (or for those nights out with our friends). For the classical and less audacious women, Kat Von D has created the Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette, a palette with 24 eyeshadow colors, with three fearless finishing alternatives: electrifying metals, velvety mattes and sparkling pearls, plus two brilliant new shades of special effects.

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Eyeliner lovers, don't worry, the brand didn't forget you! At the moment, there are two types of eyeliner available, Tattoo Liner, which is a liquid eyeliner with a high-pigmented formula, that lasts 24 hours, waterproof and super resistant, that is available in two classic colors, black and brown; and Ink Liner, which a pen-shaped liquid eyeliner, waterproof and with a 24-hour-wear! This eyeliner is available in several colors, which makes it a great tool for professional makeup artists.

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Kat Von D didn't forget the face and has created a large line of makeup products for your face, that go from foundations, powders, concealers to fixators. Knowing the importance of keeping a hydrating skin, especially when you're using makeup, that brand has created the Lock-It Hydrating Primer, a moisturizing primer that creates a pure and clean film in a smoothing movement, that is prepared for the long lasting foundation. One of the brand's star foundations is Lock-It Foundation, creamy and pigmented, perfect to any type of skin. A little pump is all it takes to decrease decoloring and hide stains!

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Lock-It Concealer Creme is a super-creamy concealer of total and comfortable coverage and a 24-hour-lasting wear. With it becomes possible to illuminate the eye contour, hide imperfections, correct discoloration, neutralize redness, contour and highlight... and this is just the beginning! Alongside the Lock-It Powder Foundation, a face powder with tons of pigments wrapped in a gentle and smooth formula, it finds the areas of the face that need extra attention and gently cover imperfections. And the powder already brings a sponge, so there is no excuse for a less than perfect makeup!


Apart from the high-quality products, Kat Von D is even more fantastic for being 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan! None of the brand's products is tested in animals and most of them don't have any ingredient that is animal based! A remarkable achievement!

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Find out more about Kat Von D with Loja Glamourosa! at Loja Glamourosa

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