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05 Feb

How to get radiant skin during winter

How to get radiant skin during winter

Our skin's necessities change with seasons. Temperature, food and sleeping hours are a few factors that influence our skin’s health. Specially on winter, it is extremely important to keep a well moisturized skin, to compensate aggressions caused by cold weather and strong wind.

First, and right after your morning shower, it is indispensable to apply a face lotion, so that the skin recovers from the shower gel effects. It is important that you don’t take a shower with extreme hot water, since this dehydrates de skin.

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Next, it is fundamental that you use a moisturizing cream. For those of you who have very dry skin, you should apply two leathers of moisturizing cream on your face, so the skin stays comfortable all-day long.

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For those with an oily skin, we suggest the substitution of your cream for a moisturizing emulsion, since these reduce the sebum excess and have normally a non-sticky texture.

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You should also apply, once a week, a facial mask for a deep moisturizing treatment. To finish your facial moisturization, it is also important to choose a serum that boosts the effect of your chosen treatment products.

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It is also very important to maintain a high level of hydration of your body, although it isn’t as exposed as the face to external aggressions. The usage of a body milk is most of the time sufficient to moisturize the skin, if it is suitable for your skin type.

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It is very important to:

- ALWAYS use a product suitable for your skin type;
- Never the neck area and the hands, which are also subjects of external aggressions.

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