I feel empty inside.

Fill me with marvellous things!
10 Mar

Unisex fragrances: are they worth it?

The unisex perfume emerged as a response to the challenges posed by modern society in relation to gender roles. The idea that
10 Feb

Meet the olfactory families

The perfume consists of several components that together form the olfactory family. There are seven main olfactory families,
10 Jan

The choice of the perfect perfume

The choice of a perfume can sometimes become a nightmare, either by the size of the perfume or even by its aroma, but the per
13 Dec

The ideal Winter fragrances

At a time when the cold begins to be noticed, the wanted aromas are glamorous and powerful! Winter is a season that allows u
25 Aug

Scent Yourself with Aqua Allegoria!

Aqua Allegoria is Guerlain's latest line, which began in 1828 when Pierre François Pascal Guerlain, physician and chemist, o
19 Jul

Women's fragrances to wear at work

Choosing a perfume for a job can be more difficult than it looks. The woman should keep in mind, that the excess of sensualit
14 Jun

Tips and tricks to better choose perfumes

Perfumes emanate an atmosphere that, like our favorite clothes, has an ideal time with which to combine, such as the season,
20 May

Men's fragrances to wear at work

A decent look is an elementary requirement to make a respectable impression and the choice of a good perfume is also part of
18 Jan

Eau de Parfum vs Eau de Toilette

Sometimes the choice of the type of perfume can be confusing. We arrived to a store and we are faced with Parfum, Eau de Parf
30 Nov

Sophisticated fragrances for modern women!

Sì is a tribute to femininity, a modern irresistible combination of grace, strength and spirit of independence. Fragran

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