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27 Jan

Organic products for your baby

The baby's skin is particularly sensitive, so the use of creams, oils and personal care products should be specially controlled. Loja Glamourosa has some suggestions of natural and biological products for your baby.

The skin absorbs a large amount of the ingredients of the products used in it, so, what you use to wash and put on your child's skin should be as healthy as what he eats.

Therefore, we recommend that children's delicate skin be nourished with the purest components that can be found in nature. These products should contain simple formulas and be without mineral oils or parabens (preservatives).

The products of these lines are perfect for babies, children and even adults with sensitive skin.

Start with a proper shampoo and conditioner. Make your child's hair perfectly clean and soft. This shampoo contains magnolia bark extract that provides extra care and balances the scalp, while aloe vera and glycerin provide moisture to the hair. The conditioner has marigold extract, to make it easy to comb the long hair. Helps to untangle and to keep hair straight. Suitable for all types of hair.

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Babies do not need an aggressive bath cleaning product, a balanced product can do a full service, such as Baby All-Over Wash Organic. The lotion is perfect for your baby's delicate skin, which needs protection and hydration. The lightweight composition of this lotion, with nutritious vegetable oils and shea butter, makes it easily absorbed, leaving the baby with soft, moisturized skin.

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Sometimes things should be simple. Therefore, this product has only three pure vegetable oils to protect and care for your baby's delicate skin. A perfume-free softening oil, perfect for massaging the baby and the belly of the pregnant woman, for the bath and for the crust. In addition, you can try out the soothing yet effective nappy cream. Fragrance-free, zinc oxide-based, to protect delicate skin from rashes.

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Sunburns experienced during childhood can cause irreversible damage to the skin. Therefore, it is imperative to offer maximum protection from an early age. Combined with a natural source filter, this sunscreen effectively preserves the child's skin.

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Organic products for your baby at Loja Glamourosa

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