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03 Nov

Discover Aubrey Organics’ Body Care

In 1967, Aubrey Hampton mixed ginger, mint and eucalyptus leaf in a coconut oil base to create an alternative to the shower gel. At the time, he did not imagine that the same blend he used to fight New York's colder winters would revolutionize the cosmetics industry.

Forty years and more than 200 products later, Aubrey Organics, the company founded by him, continues to be the leader in natural hair, skin and body care with products sold in more than 4,500 stores worldwide.

Skin Care:

Aubrey Organics features three organic skin care product lines, certified as NSF/ANSI 305, and three other natural product lines with organic ingredients. All ranges are made with clinically proven ingredients and are formulated according to the skin type or specific care.

Revitalizing Therapy

1 2 3

Ideal for dry skin, it is composed of six gluten-free products, all made with organic rose seed oil.

4 5 6

Age Defying Therapy

7 8

This anti-aging therapy line is suitable for all skin types and contains sea spinach oil in its formulation.

9 10

Calming Skin Therapy

11 12

Ideal for sensitive skin, contains organic aloe vera, organic soap base of jojoba, coconut and olive oil.

13 14

EveryDay Basics

15 16

The blue packs are ideal for normal to dry skins and composed of organic aloe vera, organic base of coconut soap, jojoba and olive oil and organic oils of eucalyptus and menthol. The purple packs are ideal for normal oily skins and composed of quinoa protein, organic eucalyptus and menthol oils and organic aloe vera.

17 18

Aubrey Organics makes clean, handy formulas and uses the purest botanical ingredients that nature has to offer. All-natural beauty products are produced in small batches to provide the latest, most effective and most authentic alternatives to bulk-produced synthetic products.

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Discover Aubrey Organics’ Body Care at Loja Glamourosa

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