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19 May

Reflection by Kérastase, now redesigned!

Kérastase enters a new era in the color treatment, reformulating the range Reflection, making it reach a new level of customization.

Used worldwide by women with colored hair, the Reflection range reinvents itself with exceptional care tailored to each shade to prolong color.

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Whether it's to hide white hair and look younger or to be bold and choose a blonde that makes her feel glamorous, women with colored hair make an intimate choice every time they color, by choosing a color that is the reflection of her personality. To defend the chosen personality, they should take care of their hair in the best way to maintain the vibrant color.

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Kérastase was able to identify the water particles directly responsible for the fading of the color: copper, calcium and chlorine. The new Chelators complex is able to neutralize them and prevent them from adhering to the fiber in the long run. For 40 days, the color is protected and extended and the brightness is dazzling for a mirror effect. The fiber is fed and flexible, for a sublime material.

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For the first time, Kérastase presents chromatic correction for coloring hair and invents Touches Chromatiques, the first corrective care customized to extend the brightness of its color. Once mixed with the Fondant or the Masque Chromatique, these concealers allow you to neutralize or revive the color reflections for a natural and radiant result.

7Available at Loja Glamourosa.


Reflection by Kérastase, now redesigned! at Loja Glamourosa

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