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20 Mar

Moisturize your skin with these after-sun products!

Moisturize your skin with these after-sun products!

After going to the beach, you need to take care of the skin, moisturizing it, and to treat the redness caused by the sun.


An SOS mask for sunburn, such as Eisenberg's Excellence Masque Après-Soleil Anti-Aging Visage, moisturizes and refreshes intensely, soothes the burning sensation immediately and brings a general sense of well-being to the skin after a day spent at sun. Since the first application, this gel leaves the skin soft and toned thanks to hyaluronic acid and the soothing and restructuring properties of red algae.


For dry skin, Collistar's Supermoisturizing Regenerating After Sun Cream is fantastic. Formulated with a concentrate of vegetable oils and butters that guarantee nutrition, hydration and elasticity and stimulates the natural process of self-repair of the skin, ensuring an intensive regenerative action.


In Lancaster’s After Sun range there are 3 products that intensify the tanning of your skin.

O Tan Maximizer Soothing Moisturizer estimula o processo natural de produção de melanina e ajuda a prolongar o bronzeado de 50% a 80%.

Tan Maximizer Rich Firming Cream is a cream that refines and sharpens the silhouette and also promotes tanning.

Tan Maximizer Soothing Moisturizer Face is a post-solar gel-cream for the face that softens and moisturizes the skin, offering greater comfort and softness.

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For sensitive skin, we give the suggestion of 3 products:

Bioderma’s Photoderm Après-soleil Lait Fraîcheur moisturizes and prevents skin dryness while enhancing the natural protection mechanisms of the skin and extending the tan.

Vichy’s Idéal Soleil Après-Soleil Soin Lacté Quotidien is for all those looking for intense hydration after sun exposure. It moisturizes in depth, fixing the water to the skin while it nourishes, soothes, fortifies and regenerates the skin sensitized by the sun. Gradually, the skin becomes more resistant to sunburn. Milky and non-greasy texture offers long-lasting freshness and comfort.

Avène’s Réparateur Après-Soleil Gel Lacté moisturizes and soothes sun-bathed skin while promoting cell regeneration and fighting free radicals. The texture is light and fluid, the skin is fresh and comfortable.

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Available at Loja Glamourosa.


Moisturize your skin with these after-sun products! at Loja Glamourosa

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