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Jeanne Piaubert
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Jeanne Piaubert
Gommage Éclat Gel Extrême Douceur from Jeanne Piaubert is a scrub of vegetable seeds that cleans and removes impurities from the skin. Composed of Microbeads, which...
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Jeanne Piaubert
Grain Fin Gommage Corporel from Jeanne Piaubert is a peach extract exfoliant that cleans and removes impurities from the skin. It turns into mousse when it comes in...
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Activ Massage Minceur from Elancyl is a massage gel used in the shower for cellulite situations associated with a feeling of swelling. This method of slimming mass...
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Gommage Moussant Tonifiant from Elancyl is a gel-cream, which helps to gently exfoliate, while providing a draining and toning effect to the skin. Its gel-cream tex...
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Pâte de Gommage Orientale from Sothys is an oriental-inspired exfoliant for aromatic and amber sensory evasion. Its melting texture softens the skin to sublimate it...
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Gommage Corps Ressourçant Cerisier & Lotus from Sothys is an exfoliant that eliminates dead cells and sublimates the skin.Active ingredients: Extract of cherry blo...
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Gommage Délicieux Cannelle & Gingembre from Sothys is an exfoliant with an amber texture, sprinkled with powdered spices that soften the skin to sublimate it.Active...
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Renew-Plus Body Serum is an anti-aging concentrate that contains pro-retinol to boost cell renewal. Water-lily extracts help smooth and prevent skin aging whilst cr...
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Smoothing Body Scrub For a New Skin is a exfoliating treatment infused with Bamboo powders with exfoliating properties and moringa extract to fight toxin build up. ...
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Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream is an exfoliator to soothe and refresh skin's tough spots whilst preps skin for hydration treatment or self-tanning....
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Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator is a gel-based exfoliator that refreshes and recharges skin thanks to its botanical ingredients and the mint invigorating scent....
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Toning Body Polisher is a skin exfoliator infused with salt crystals to ensure exceptional exfoliation and deep cleansing. Contains hazelnut oil and shea butter to ...
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