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Kristin Ess
Anytime Anywhere Recovery Balm from Kristin Ess is ...
From: 100,46 ﷼ Save up to:
Kristin Ess
Depth Defining Soft Matte Pomade from Kristin Ess is an aqueous balm that instantly gives hair texture and volume, ideal for braids, waves and short or long hairsty...
From: 82,61 ﷼ Save up to:
Kristin Ess
Style Defining Shine Pomade Edge Control from Kristin Ess is a multipurpose aqueous balm that provides an extreme shine to the hair and offers fixation. Does not dr...
From: 91,53 ﷼ Save up to:
Shu Uemura
Essence Absolue Universal Balm from Shu Uemura is a balm with non-sticky, light, soft camellia oil extract that offers quick and effective touch-ups.Benefits for ha...
From: 191,57 ﷼ Save up to:
René Furterer
Okara Blond Brightening Conditioner from René Furterer is a balm that untangles hair and sublimates the shine of natural blond hair, with highlights or dyes.Promote...
From: 73,82 ﷼ Save up to:
René Furterer
Okara Color Protection Conditioner from René Furterer is a untangling balm that preserves the shine of colored hair in the long term.Captures and preserves the colo...
From: 73,82 ﷼ Save up to:
René Furterer
Okara Silver Toning Conditioner from René Furterer is a balm that moisturizes the hair fiber and neutralizes unwanted yellow tones in gray, white and platinum blond...
From: 73,82 ﷼ Save up to:
Anti-Pollution Protective Conditioner with Aquatic Mint from Klorane is a conditioner balm with aquatic mint, suitable for hair exposed to pollution.This biodegrada...
From: 54,69 ﷼ Save up to:
Sun Radiance Rich Restorative Conditioner with Ylang-Ylang from Klorane is a balm after shampoo, ideal for nourishing and repairing the hair fiber, suitable for hai...
From: 14,44 ﷼ Save up to:
Dercos Vichy
Vitamin A.C.E Baume Brillance from Dercos Vichy is a revitalizing balm for dull and brittle hair.The unique combination of revitalizing Acai Berries and moisturizin...
From: 49,49 ﷼ Save up to:
Dercos Vichy
Detox Baume Légèreté from Dercos Vichy is a purifying balm for hair and scalp that tends to get oily quickly.The combination of Spirulina Detox and Purifying Charco...
From: 50,57 ﷼ Save up to:
Wella Professionals
Invigo Nutri-Enrich Wonder Balm from Wella Professionals is an instant deep nutrition balm for smoothness, manageability and movement.Its extra rich leave-in formul...
From: 47,03 ﷼ Save up to:
Aura Botanica Baume Miracle from Kérastase is a solid balm that melts between the fingers when heated, making it the ideal complement to re-condition dry hair betwe...
From: 96,88 ﷼ Save up to:
Mad About Waves Windy Texture Balm from Schwarzkopf is a texturizing balm to shape and set waves without overloading.The aquarine complex formula helps to moisturiz...
From: 73,62 ﷼ Save up to:
René Furterer
Sublime Curl Baume from René Furterer is a nourishing balm that helps to untangle, activate and define curls. The silicon-free formula, with an exquisitely creamy t...
From: 67,03 ﷼ Save up to:
René Furterer
5 Sens Baume Sublimateur from René Furterer is a balm, which helps to nourish and disentangle instantly, weightlessly, while sublimating hair. Provides the perfect ...
From: 63,50 ﷼ Save up to:
Dercos Vichy
Densi-Solutions Baume Épaisseur from Dercos Vichy is a balm that helps to soften and strengthen the hair, from the inside. It improves the quality of the scalp and ...
From: 69,74 ﷼ Save up to:
Amazonia Balm from Orofluido is a volume regenerating moisturizing balm for fine and fragile hair. It hydrates intensely, softens and revitalizes, without regret. R...
From: 83,23 ﷼ Save up to:
Baume Après-Shampooing au Lait d Avoine from Klorane is a concentrated oat milk ointment balm that respects the integrity of the scalp, being suitable for all hair ...
From: 16,09 ﷼ Save up to:
Baume Après-Shampooing à la Quinine et aux Vitamines B from Klorane is a balm for devitalized hair or in addition to specific hair loss care. This balm combines qui...
From: 16,09 ﷼ Save up to:
Baume Après-Shampooing à la Camomille from Klorane is a balm that thanks to its unctuous texture and flux, instantly repairs, illuminates and untangles blond hair. ...
From: 16,09 ﷼ Save up to:

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