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Genesis Défense Thermique da Kérastase é um protetor térmico fortificante antiqueda para cabelo enfraquecido, com tendência à queda devido à quebra. A sua fórmula ...
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Scrub ƒnergisant from KŽrastase is a creamy scrub with thick grains of sea salt, suitable for oily scalp.The detoxifying action of sea salt removes impurities, part...
From: 136,54 ﷼ Save up to:
Scrub Apaisant from KŽrastase is a soothing gel-textured exfoliator suitable for sensitized scalp.Formulated with jojoba and sweet orange peel exfoliates and purifi...
From: 136,54 ﷼ Save up to:
L'Oreal Professionel
Dulcia Advanced Ionéne G Fixador from LOreal Professionnel is a fastener....
From: 92,17 ﷼ Save up to:
American Crew
American Crew Fortifying Sclap Treatment from American Crew is a leave-in treatment that invigorates the scalp, thickens hair and improves hair volume. Formulated t...
From: 75,83 ﷼ Save up to:
Wella Professionals
Invigo Brilliance Booster Color Vibrancy Concentrate from Wella Professionals is a booster for greater color intensity.With lime caviar....
From: 75,56 ﷼ Save up to:
Wella Professionals
Invigo Volume Booster Uplifting Concentrate from Wella Professionals is a booster that turns straight and tired hair into bulging protruding locks.With cotton extra...
From: 75,56 ﷼ Save up to:
Blond Absolu Cicaflash from Kérastase is an opalescent milky gel with a soft lavender shade that delivers the refreshing performance of a mask with the lightweight ...
From: 114,67 ﷼ Save up to:
Phytomillesime Color Lock Pre-Shampoo from Phyto is a pre-wash care in oil-gel blocker and colour fixative for hair with colouring. It has 3 unpublished actions: an...
From: 99,53 ﷼ Save up to:
Mad About Curls Quencher Oil Milk from Schwarzkopf is a milk to use before styling or to remold it the next day to wash to protect the shape while increasing the se...
From: 63,64 ﷼ Save up to:
Seskavel Plus Food Supplement from Sesderma is a dietary supplement indicated for the treatment of hair loss and strengthening of brittle nails, in more critical pe...
From: 121,62 ﷼ Save up to:
Scalp Genesis Self-Warming Detox from Schwarzkopf is a pre-shampoo indicated for normal to oily scalp, which needs a detox effect. Combined with a detoxifying massa...
From: 63,24 ﷼ Save up to:
Cerafill Retaliate - Stemoxydine from Redken is redensifying treatment that promotes hair growth up to 1700 new hairs in 3 months. Fortifies hair follicles and dens...
From: 153,76 ﷼ Save up to:
Cerafill Maximize - Dense FX from Redken is a capillary diameter densification treatment that powers the existing hair strands and increases their diameter by 9% in...
From: 120,59 ﷼ Save up to:
Cerafill Maximize - Hair Advance from Redken is an intensive treatment to promote hair density for a falling hair. This formula has been enriched with Arginine, an ...
From: 153,76 ﷼ Save up to:
Extreme Anti-Snap - Leave-in from Redken is a strengthening treatment spray for extremely damaged and fragile hair, which helps to untangle wires, making them easie...
From: 94,26 ﷼ Save up to:
Extreme Length Primer Treatment from Redken is a primer for brittle hair that increases the resistance of the root wires to the ends so that they grow healthy and r...
From: 99,00 ﷼ Save up to:
Extreme Length Sealer from Redken is a product from brittle, breakable hair that provides resistance to wires so they do not break, as well as keeping the cuticles ...
From: 77,41 ﷼ Save up to:
Diamond Oil Glow Dry Gloss Scrub from Redken is a pre-shampoo that gently absorbs hair impurities for maximum shine. Removes dead cells, excess oils and impurities ...
From: 74,25 ﷼ Save up to:
Vinaigre de Brillance à la Camomille from Klorane is a brilliance vinegar that takes care of the luminosity of golden reflections. Smoothens the scales, lightens ha...
From: 30,40 ﷼ Save up to:
Anacaps Progressiv from Ducray is a food supplement specifically created to permanently preserve hair density. This food supplement contains in its formulation: Bio...
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