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14 May

Oil: The Hair’s Best Friend!

Oil: The Hair’s Best Friend!

Nowadays the hair oils stand out among brightness, hydration and regeneration treatments. Its added value is clear: lightness of application and speed. In the form of a non-greasy spray and suitable for all types of hair, it is easy to maintain an elegant, controlled look and very well treated wire to wire.

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Capillary oils are mostly extracted from plants and do not give an oily or sticky appearance, but instead provide greater shine, lightness and softness to the hair. They contain amino acids and nutrients with elastic and regenerating properties that make the hair brighter, softer and lighter. They are an excellent daily moisturizing form to complement the hairstyle.

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The capillary oil, regardless of the oils used in its formulation, is a finishing product, which means it can be applied daily, in any type of hair. It should not be applied to or close to the scalp, especially in oily hair, it should only be passed between the hair strands and insist on the tips, because it is in them that the first signs of capillary suffering appear. There are regular treatment hair oils but also oils with sun protection that increase hydration, protection and nutrition of the hair.

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Most capillary oils contain Argan oil, considered the "gold of the desert". It has its origin from Mediterranean to tropical climates and is a true rejuvenating elixir for hair. It is rich in vitamins A, D and E, which provide antioxidant protection and increase cellular metabolism by regenerating hair. It has a layer of phospholipids that will repel water thanks to its hydrophobic barrier. It is therefore ideal for keeping hair shiny and controlled on rainy or wet days.

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Oil: The Hair’s Best Friend! at Loja Glamourosa

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