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06 Aug

Take care of your hair with Klorane! (Part 2)

Following last week’s article, we are continuing today with some hair lines by Klorane.

Linen Fibers

Ideal for: fine hair, no volume.
Flax is rich in mucilage that strengthen and shape the hair to reveal a volume full of flexibility from the root.

1 2

Essence of Oliveira

Ideal for: hair with loss of density.
Oliveira works as a true anti-aging concentrate with thickening and antioxidant properties. The hair recovers smoothness, texture, density and vitality.

3 4

Desert Trimmer

Ideal for: dry, damaged and brittle hair.
The Desert Tamer is an ingredient filled with essential fatty acids, proteins and sugars, which provide an integral repair of the hair fibber. Wash and repair the hair gently, preserving the natural balance of the scalp and hair.

5 6


Ideal for: sensitive and irritated scalp.
The Peony is rich in Paeoniflorine, a molecule with soothing, soothing and anti-radical properties, ideal for relieving itching. Contains a fresh scent with relaxing and scientifically proven properties soothes the sensations of irritation (pruritus).

7 8

Other lines Klorane

Magnolia wax: ideal for spleen hair
Nettle: for hair with an oily tendency.

9 10

Cider Pulp: ideal for normal hair that gets oily quickly.
Almond milk: for delicate hair.

11 12


Milk of Papyrus: for unruly hair, difficult to comb.
Capuchin: ideal for scalp with dry dandruff.

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Take care of your hair with Klorane! (Part 2) at Loja Glamourosa

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