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25 Apr

How to protect hair from sun exposure

How to protect hair from sun exposure

In summer, the hair needs protection and extra care against sun exposure. Too much sun, wind, sea water, chlorine and sand harm the hair, causing it to lose a lot of water and protein. Additionally, the UVA and UVB radiation can penetrate the hair, just like on the skin, and cause damage to its structural composition.


In this way, we provide some tips to leave the hair protected, stronger and more resistant to this bathing season.


Whenever sun exposure is prolonged or severe, you should take extra care, such as to use products with UV filter. These products block the harmful rays from penetrating the hair strands.


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To adopt sunlight barriers is another care to have. Whether with an umbrella, hats or scarves, physical protection is always very important and effective against sun damage.


Drying the hair after leaving the sea and the pool prevents seawater salt and products used for the treatment of pool water to be retained and cause damage to the hair.


To keep the hair and scalp clean is also always important because sweat, heat and humidity can ease problems such as seborrhea and dandruff.


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Always use creams with sun protection factor. Even if the day is cloudy, with overcast skies, we must invest in protecting the hair. You should apply the product on dry or wet strands at least 30 minutes before sun exposure.


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Avoid using hot water to wash the hair and let loose wires to air-dry. Use the dryer only when really necessary.


Make regular hydrations. Despite the relative higher humidity, exposure to sea and pool water in the summer tends to dry out the hair.


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