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31 May

Tips for perfect curls!

Tips for perfect curls!

Curly hair, with curls or frizzy hair need extra care to make curls bright and naturally defined! So, we've prepared some tips for you to get the perfect curls.

Hair treatment should include specific washing, proper cuts and a greater concern with hydration.


Although no specific technique is required in the wash, there are tricks that help to provide the best result for your hair. Not using very aggressive shampoo and conditioner is important as well as choosing the specific ones for curls or for dry hair. Since these products are more moisturizing, they help in the definition. Be careful not to abuse in the amount of washes, three times a week is more than enough.

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According to the recommendation of some specialists, the ideal will be to do it before washing the head. However, even if you do it earlier, it is advisable to untangle again during the application of the conditioner or combing cream using the fingers or a comb of wood and wide teeth.


Curly hair tends to be drier. In this way, the use of masks is essential once or twice a week. As with the shampoo and conditioner, you should opt for suitable and effective products. Try it until you find the right one for you! Nevertheless, after washing the hair, you can use a specific oil and pass the same on the tips.

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To dry
For those who like to dry their hair, it is essential to use the diffuser and never just the dryer. The dryer will separate the hair strands, undoing the strands, but the diffuser will help to dry with definition.


After washing the hair, split the hair and pass combing cream, or leave-in, evenly dividing and without exaggeration. The use of creams instead of foam confers a more natural and smooth look and does not dry the hair.

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Next day
The good thing about combing or leave-in creams is that you can reuse it the next day, even if you do not wash your head. You can spray the hair before, moisturizing slightly and applying the cream by shaping the hair.

Finish your styling with a spray to set waves and curls and provide a naturally smooth and shiny touch!

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