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05 Jul

Protect your hair even on the beach!

Protect your hair even on the beach!

This summer protect your hair, even on the beach, not making mistakes that can cause irreparable damage.

1 - Leave hair with salty water

The salt dehydrates and dries the hair, making them curly and with spiky ends.

Solution: use a fresh water spray on your way to the beach and use a product that protects your hair from sea water.

Suggestion: Solar Sublime by L'Oréal Professional is a hair treatment line specially developed to protect and repair hair exposed to the sun. This new generation of sun treatments provides an optimal level of protection and repair of hair exposed to the sun, sea salt and chlorine in swimming pools.

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2 - Strap hair with elastics

The elastics break the fiber of the hair, leaving the hair fragile.

Solution: give preference to small springs or hair scarves.

3 - Comb embarrassed hair

Trying to pull the knots from the hair by force can break your hair.

Solution: use a beach care that softens your hair and opt for a wide comb.

Suggestion: if the damage is already done, repair your hair with the following products.

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4 - Leave the hair long in the sun

The sun damages keratin and hair pigments.

Solution: wear a hat or a scarf, but do not forget that sunscreen products are always required.

Suggestion: products with UV filters to protect fiber and color, such as Blond Absolu Cicaplasme or Crème UV Sublime Soleil, both from Kérastase.

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5 - Use the same care as in winter

Winter products usually do not have the same level of hydration as summer ones.

Solution: opt for a solar or more nutritious post range.

Suggestion: Sun Protect by Schwarzkopf is the new range that will allow you to enjoy the sun all year round because your hair will be protected from damage from ultraviolet rays and external aggressions before, during and after sun exposure.




6 - Do not go to the hairdresser after summer

After the beach, it is essential to visit your hairdresser for a nutritious treatment, a color repair and a cut at the tips.

Available at Loja Glamourosa.

Protect your hair even on the beach! at Loja Glamourosa

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