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Brand history


Since 1964, Kérastase has developed a new metier: the hair treatment service, based on more advanced formulas and products with better performance. A true Art du Soin, dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of the hair, based on 3 essential values: Performance, Expertise and Personalization.

The most advanced technology of Recherche Avancée L’Oréal laboratories has been used in product development since its creation. Its history is thus made up of innovations, unique formulas and products desired by women, to enhance the natural beauty of their hair.


Concept and objectives


Kérastase presents the concept of Ritual, a luxury service at your disposal. Through a specialized massage, the effect of products applied to the scalp and hair fiber is maximized. A relaxing experience with immediate results and a unique sense of well-being.

The main objective of the Kérastase brand is to enable all women, regardless of their hair type, age and lifestyle, to achieve perfection and hair sublimation through luxurious hair treatments that include personalized products and diagnostics. Taking into account the type of hair, scalp imbalances and also internal and external factors that affect capillary health differently in each person, Kérastase uses its expertise to solve all these problems in an individual and efficient way.


What to take into account when choosing this brand?


The type of hair, scalp imbalances and also internal and external factors affect health and hair care differently in each person. Kérastase uses its expertise and active ingredients to solve all these problems in an individual and efficient way. The fusion of luxury and science allows Kérastase to offer innovative products and rituals tailored to flawless results.


The collections of Kérastase


Blond Absolu – This range was designed to meet the needs of blond hair. Discover your personalized routine to care for and neutralize lightened or discolored hair.


Chronologiste – Combines advanced technology with a unique sensory experience. This repairing treatment sublimates all types of hair, from the scalp to the ends.


Densifique – Hair loss and loss of density are different problems that Kérastase treats through specific rituals. Density technologies, such as hyaluronic acid and Intra-Cyclane, hydrate and structure the strands, strengthening the hair and protecting it from aggressions.


Specifique – Developed to treat scalp problems, such as sensitivity, itching, dandruff, hair loss and oily roots. The products are designed to treat these problems and balance the scalp.


Extentioniste – This routine treats the roots, lengths and ends of the hair. It starts by stimulating the scalp, then detangles and strengthens the lengths and finally seals the split ends. The result is hair that is as strong at the ends as at the root, without breakage or split ends.


Fusio Scrub – A line developed to deeply clean the scalp and hair from polluting particles. This service responds to the main needs of the hair: oily scalp, dandruff and lifeless length.


Genesis – The first double action range that takes care of both types of hair loss (root and fiber breakage), for all women, for all types of lifestyle, and for all types of hair loss. The 10 products in the range contain the strongest ingredient complex to meet the needs of hair loss.


Oléo Relax – Range designed to make hair soft and control frizz. Suitable for dry and unruly hair.


Soleil – High experience in the protection of hair subject to sun exposure. A routine to protect, strengthen, nourish, comb and brighten hair.


Aura Botânica – This range responds to the growing demand for responsible luxury. Offers a truly effective care, which sublimates natural hair, slightly devitalized, giving it a healthy luminosity.


Nutritive Magistral – Intense nutrition line for very dry and sensitized hair. It provides a smooth and smooth appearance, an extremely flexible texture and a radiant shine. Gives hair a soft touch and facilitates untangling.


The most popular products of the brand


Densifique Ampoule Kit is a scalp treatment for fine hair. This hair density and fullness program increases follicular activity to restore thicker hair.


Résistance Thérapiste Masque is a regenerating mask to repair and reconstruct the hair fiber weakened by external aggressors.


K-Water is a hair fiber filling treatment that provides an intense shine without weighing and flowing hair. 


8H Magic Night Serum is a leave-in night serum that gives nourishment to all types of dry hair.


Masque Densité is a regenerating mask for hair with loss of density. This delicate texture provides superior softness, lightness and shine to the strands. Hair is regenerated from root to tip.


Cure Anti-Pelliculaire Anti-Récidive is a scalp treatment with oily or dry dandruff. This intensive anti-dandruff treatment helps to remove dry and oily dandruff films.



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Brand history
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