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07 May

War to Cellulite!

War to Cellulite!

With the approach of summer, we start to worry about something that has spent the last few months stifled by clothes: cellulite. In this case we should be vigilant all year long because diets and intensive treatments, made only in summer, don't last too long.

But how can you fight cellulite? We are talking about a typically female problem that, not being a disease, is a physiological alteration capable of affecting health and quality of life. Cellulite results from the accumulation of fat in specific areas of the woman's body: hips, buttocks and thighs, sometimes also in the waist and, more rarely, in the arms.

Types of celulite

First of all, you need to find out what type of cellulite is present in your body. Each case is different, but there is a table that allows us to have a sense of the degree in which we find ourselves.

- Degree 1 - Without undulations or irregularities, they can only be noticed when the skin is compressed.
- Degree 2 - Perceptible ripples.
- Degree 3 - Nodules clearly noticeable. There may be local pain.
- Degree 4 - Several nodules, "hard" cellulite. Swelling, impairment of return circulation, skin with padded appearance.

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Some things you should do

A good anti-cellulite program is necessarily based on a healthy lifestyle where you cannot miss a correct diet and plenty of physical exercise. Cosmetic and esthetic treatments should be complements.
With the resources currently available, the treatment is successful in most cases.
The biggest difficulty is to keep the results and the secret is to opt for an easy method to integrate in the day to day so that they never abandon the good habits acquired.

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In addition to the examples already described above, there are many products that help fight cellulite marks. It is true that thinning cosmetics do not work miracles, but they are a very useful complement, since they improve the quality of the skin in the affected areas, something that neither diets nor sports can achieve. It is essential to strengthen the skin when the volume of the silhouette changes.

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With the right formula, you can even reshape the silhouette and lose volume. Traditional compositions combine draining ingredients, usually plants such as ivy and sage, with others that activate circulation and "burning" of fats, such as caffeine. Essential oils are also widely used for their intense and profound action on tissues and cell metabolism.

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Final advices

Adopt a balanced diet, varied and with the caloric intake appropriate to your lifestyle;
Drink plenty of water and liquids in general, except soft drinks;
Reduce salt, which promotes fluid retention;
Avoid tobacco, alcoholic beverages and coffee, which hinder circulation and promote the accumulation of toxins in the body;
For those who work sitting, get up from time to time and walk to activate the circulation;
Establish a regular routine of physical exercise with realistic and persistent goals;
Anti-cellulite creams and other anti-cellulite treatments must be applied every day, according to the instructions, to get the promised effect.

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