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10 May

Extending the golden color of summer

Extending the golden color of summer

Learn how to extend your golden color this summer. Small changes in the shower or when eating can help. From food to cosmetics, you can extend your tan for longer with our tips and tricks.

1. Cold water showers
At the time of the shower choose warm or cold water as well as a revitalizing effect on the skin, it does not stimulate the sebaceous glands or skin oils. In addition, hot water baths can enhance the dehydration of the skin, leading to, in many cases, the desquamation. For this, take a cold water shower, followed by a bath oil or soap with pH equal or close to the skin instead of shower gel. Time to dry the body, do not rub the towel: just press it lightly to absorb excess water.

2. Exfoliation before the sun exposure
Before starting your beach days remember to exfoliate your skin. It will remove dead cells from the skin surface, ensuring a uniform tan and smooth skin. Exfoliation helps to improve the tone and uniformity of the skin and thus a more durable tan.

We suggest exfoliating milk for the body of Biotherm: Lait de Gommage. This ultra creamy texture with light citrus scent removes dead cells and impurities and gently moisturizes your skin. The exfoliating Uriage: Gommage Intégral Gel Gommant Doux helps to prepare the skin for the sun while it exfoliates and creates a brighter result.

1.Lait-de-Gommage 2


3. Moisturizing is essential
In summer chlorine, sea salt and the days of burning heat tend to dehydrate your skin. Furthermore, when tanned skin tends to become dry and thick. Therefore moisturize the skin is essential to replenish lost water and moisture levels and help maintain the color. It is also important to apply daily moisturizers in all parts of the body in order to prevent peeling of the skin.

Here we recommended moisturizers with soothing and restorative properties especially suitable for skin exposed to the sun. Oligo-Thermal Milk from Biotherm was enriched with glycerine and shea butter for hydrating and nourishing the skin while extending the tan. From the brand Lancaster, After the Sun - Intense Moisturizer restores essential moisture of the skin and helps prevent peeling skin.

The intake of mineral water (or flavored), coconut water, teas and juices also helps keep the skin hydrated. Furthermore, you should avoid consuming alcohol which dehydrates the body, or isotonic, which are rich in sodium and enhance liquid retention.


3.Oligo-Thermal-Milk 4.After-Sun---Intense-Moisturizer


4. Self tanning for lasting color
The self tanning can be used before, during and after the trip to the beach, accompanied by the use of sunscreen. The self tanning have dihydroxyacetone molecule, DHA, which on contact with the air oxidizes and the most superficial layers of the epidermis dyeing with a tan tone that does not affect melanin system or the natural skin defense only create a tan without damaging the skin. The final result depends on the amount of DHA in each unit, although other sunless tanners vary in composition.

We suggest Addition Concentré Eclat for the face and Satin Sheen Oil Faz Tan Optimizer SPF50 from Uriage for the body. Spread the product evenly, without forgetting the neck, avoiding the eye contour area. Pay special attention to areas with hair, as hair inputs and eyebrows, spreading it well in these areas. Do the same for the body.


5.Addition-Concentré-Eclat 6


5. Diet for the than
Your diet can also help to intensify the tan in the summer. Consumption of Vitamin C and carotenoids - organic pigments found in plants that dye the skin - present in fruits and vegetables help to achieve a more even and golden tone. So this summer bet on carrot, tomato, mango and spinach which give the skin an orange hue that enhances the exterior color.

Available at Loja Glamourosa.

Uriage: Gommage Intégral Gel Gommant Doux

Extending the golden color of summer at Loja Glamourosa

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