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18 Aug

The Importance of Treating Breast Skin?

The Importance of Treating Breast Skin?

The skin of the breasts needs attention, just as the face and body also deserve special care because of the ease with which it dries. Because it is a delicate area it needs hydration to prevent stretch marks, sagging and aging.


Some habits become necessary to maintain healthy skin due to the fact that the skin of the breasts and nipples is very sensitive.

Thus, frequent use of moisturizers is necessary to avoid the appearance of stretch marks, sagging and premature aging of the region.



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To intensify hydration, apply the product after shower while the skin is still moist. This way the cream will be absorbed more effectively.


When it comes to taking care of this region, it is essential to invest in specific products that will offer deep and delicate hydration, firmness and tone.






For the nipple area, specific products are indicated, such as Nipple Repairing Cream, by D'Aveia.






In addition to applying creams and lotions, other attitudes can contribute to the care of the area:


- Bet on moisturizing soaps while bathing and avoid using friction sponges

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- Be sure to wear sunscreen on your lap and breasts, especially when wearing lower-cut blouses to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes;


- Avoid wearing uncomfortable bras with synthetic fabric, as they do not absorb sweat and increase the chances of allergy in the region. Prefer a cotton model.


Now that you know what essential skin care for your breasts is, be sure to put it into practice!



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The Importance of Treating Breast Skin? at Loja Glamourosa

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