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06 Sep

The Importance of Body Exfoliation!

The Importance of Body Exfoliation!

With the summer about to end, and for those who have not yet begun, it’s more than time to start “Bikini Operation". So if you haven't started taking care of your skin yet but want to get a more even and beautiful tan, body scrub is a necessary step.




Exfoliation is the removal of the surface layer of the skin and also helps to clean it from blemishes and other marks. Considered more or less intensive, but it can be perfectly performed at home. And, it results in a cleaner skin that is ready to absorb better the products that then apply.


The body scrub is extremely important in your skin to avoid ingrown hairs, especially for those who shave, as well as those who suffer from body acne.


Now that you know that exfoliating your body is a necessary step in your beauty routine, learn about a variety of products that fit your skin's needs:

Want to have a soft and luminous skin? Yes, it is possible. With:


01 02


Gommage Éclat Gel Extrême Douceur & Grain Fin Gommage Corporel by Jeanne Piaubert, both are exfoliating products that remove dirt and impurities from your skin leaving it soft and luminous.


Want to have a toned, smooth and luminous skin? Yes, it is possible. With:


03 04


Gommage Moussant Énergisant de Elancyl & Gommage Exfoliant Peau Neuve by Clarins, have as function cleaning, exfoliate and tone your skin.  Getting as a result smooth and brighten your skin, preventing sagging.


Want to look younger? Yes, it is possible. With:





Sérum Corps Peau Neuve by Clarins, prevents the signs of aging, softens and moisturizes your skin.



Want to look smoother and nourished skin? Yes, it is possible. With:

06      07

Pâte De Gommage Orientale & Gommage Délicieux Cannelle Gingembre by Sothys, both are exfoliating that kill dead cells. Resulting in smooth, nourished skin.


Got dry skin? And you want a smoother, fresher skin? Yes, it is possible. With:

08 09

Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream & Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator by Clinique, they are exfoliating cream specially developed for the driest areas of your body. Providing a smooth and fresh skin.




Body scrub should be used at most twice a week.


In the bath, you can always choose to do it before or after washing your body, but with damp skin, put the scrub on your palm or sponge, and with circular motions, gently massage the areas you consider need this care. Then rinse the skin with warm or cold water, but never too hot.


And, keep in mind that your skin will be slightly more sensitive.



Since exfoliation is intensive, even if you take care and treat your skin, do not exfoliate before or after shaving and never get sun after - just the next day, for example.




Available at Loja Glamourosa.

The Importance of Body Exfoliation! at Loja Glamourosa

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