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18 Oct

The secrets of soaps

The secrets of soaps

Whether in the bath or shower, soap has always been present in our beauty and cleansing routine. However, you probably don't know it as well as you think.

All soaps cleanse the skin, but did you know that each one is designed to cover a different need for your skin? Both the way they are elaborated and their composition can cause their properties to vary.

Discover all its secrets and choose the most appropriate for your skin type:

For the most sensitive skin we advise hypoallergenic soaps.


Atoderm Intensive Pain by Bioderma is a soap indicated for the hygiene of dry and dehydrated skin. This soap respects the physiological balance of the skin and has a soothing and antibacterial action.


Pain Peaux Intolérantes by Avène is a face and body soap for hypersensitive or intolerant skin (clear, thin or reddish skin) and irritated skin (weather aggression, improper cosmetic procedures).

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For dry skin we advise moisturizing soaps.


Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar by A-Derma is a moisturizing soap for daily body and face hygiene. Gently cleans, nourishes and protects dry skin.


Ictyane Pain Dermatologique Surgras by Ducray a soap that gently cleanses dry and fragile skin thanks to its wash base.

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For oily skin we advise the soap Salises Facial/Body Dermatological Bar by Sesderma, Suitable for seborrheic and acne prone skin. This soap helps to regulate fat secretion, eliminates impurities and improves acne.


For those who prefer scented soaps we advise any from Roger & Gallet brand. These perfumes are produced using a unique cauldron manufacturing method, and their scent is due to the handcrafted tradition and softness to the quality of the composition, which helps to preserve the vital functions of the skin.

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Available at Loja Glamourosa

The secrets of soaps at Loja Glamourosa

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