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27 Mar

The best way to remove your makeup!

For beautiful a skin, you need to treat it well. Beginning first with the removal of the makeup, removing all the products from the face.

For oily and acne-prone skin, the Sesderma Sensyses Cleanser Sebum is the right choice. Effectively removes makeup and impurities and leaves the skin toned. Suitable for cleaning scaly skin, with acne or soap intolerant tendency.


For sensible skin we have two alternatives: Sesderma's Sensyses Cleanser Lightening and Avène’s Lotion Micellaire.


Sensyses Cleanser Lightening is a makeup remover designed for sensitive skin and/or subject to aggressive cosmetic or medical treatments.


Avène’s Lotion Micellaire is a cleansing lotion designed for sensitive skin. Its formula has a double action: cleanses and removes and strengthens hydration. The face is cool, soft and comfortable. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

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For dry skin that needs good hydration we have Re-Nutriv - Intensive Hydrating Cleanser by Estée Lauder, Biosource Milk by Biotherm and Lait Tendre Démaquillant Ps by Christian Dior.


Re-Nutriv - Intensive Hydrating Cleanser is a rich, creamy makeup remover to moisturize and treat the face while gently removing impurities.


Biotherm’s Biosource Milk is a cleansing milk specially dedicated to dry skin.


Lait Tendre Démaquillant Ps is a makeup lotion for dry skin. Prevents dryness and bathes with moisture for a real sense of well-being. Soothes fabrics as it contains peony, making the skin more supple and soft.

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Available at Loja Glamourosa.


The best way to remove your makeup! at Loja Glamourosa

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