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05 Jun

Discover the differences between BB and CC Cream

Discover the differences between BB and CC Cream

BB and CC Cream: the acronyms that have appeared everywhere and that promise to change the way you put makeup on a daily basis. Not only do they disguise imperfections, but they value what is best.

Let's first understand what BB Creams are. BB stands for Beauty Balm, which is a multifunctional product for those looking for a makeup with a more natural effect and a healthier appearance. It contains the qualities of a primer, sun protection factors and a light coverage base. BB Creams are fantastic for people who do not have many skin imperfections.

BB Creams have two roles: to give color and to deal with specific skin problems. They are multifunctional creams, with color. They moisturize and correct imperfections, thanks to the pigments and their color. They can also prevent and treat wrinkles, redness and protect the skin from the sun.

Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF35 from M.A.C is a light formula that prepares the skin and perfects the tone for the makeup application. This slightly colored formula, in an almost pure beige tone to match a wide range of skin tones, protects the face with SPF 35, unifies the tone and illuminates the face for a perfect result. Contains creamy emollients and pearlescent pigments to help brighten the face.

Nude Magique BB Cream is a Foundation by L Oréal Paris which combines cosmetic care with the properties and enhancement of makeup, to recreate a perfect bare skin effect. It has a lightweight, non-greasy formula that gives you 24 hours of hydration to leave your skin fresh and vibrant throughout the day. Protects and defends the skin from external aggression with antioxidants and UV filters. Illuminates, unifies and hides imperfections to create a zero-defect face thanks to a second skin cover.

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BB Skin Perfecting Cream by Clarins is an illuminator for those who want a simply perfect skin. Unifies, revitalizes and protects in one gesture.

Bobbi Brown's BB Cream moisturizes, enhances and protects immediately and throughout the day. Contains SPF 15 that protects the skin from the sun while moisturizing it throughout the day.

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CC Creams, or Color Corrector, are an evolution of the BB, for having extra functions, plus foundation and sunscreen. Although both have the same functions, CC Cream has some bleaching agents that help to correct skin tone and also has anti-aging properties and controls oiliness.

If you have oily skin and some light spots on your face, it can be a good choice, since it corrects and still moisturizes, being less harmful than the common foundations and correctors.

Prep Prime CC Colour Correcting Loose by M.A.C. is a compact color powder that creates a perfect skin look. Helps to fix makeup and can be used alone or after the moisturizing care. Controls oiliness without drying the skin.


Prep + Prime CC Colour Correct by M.A.C is a multifunction cream to tone up, brighten and protect the skin from UVA/UVB rays. Contains a lightweight and silky formula that helps to keep skin smooth and moisturized all day long.
Minimizes the appearance of blemishes and discolorations of the complexion, with a concealer action. Unifies the tone and brightens the face for a perfect look that lasts all day.

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How to distinguish BB and CC Creams?

Both products are multifunctional and end up having similar roles. But the big difference is that the BB Cream corrects imperfections and treats the skin, while the CC Cream corrects the color of the skin, because it has a greater coverage.

These products also guarantee hydration and, often, high sun protection, being able to be alternatives for the moisturizing cream and the foundation!

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Discover the differences between BB and CC Cream at Loja Glamourosa

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