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22 Nov

Nail Polish

Nail Polish

What it is and what it is for?


The first appearances of the nail polish date from 3500 BC, where various ingredients were mixed to create it, such as beeswax, egg white, vegetable dyes.
In ancient Egypt, nail polish was also used to distinguish social classes, the lower classes used nude tones and light colors, while the upper classes used shades of red.
The use of nail polish has extended to today, where it has become an aesthetic product that has the function of beautifying the nails, guaranteeing them a good appearance, as well as some protection against external aggressions, granting them rigidity.


What are the most used ingredients and their function?


The main ingredient in nail polishes is nitrocellulose, which is used as a solvent for other substances. This ingredient forms a hard and resistant film, so it is also widely used in other types of paints, such as car paint and furniture nail polish.
However, this film is also very brittle and does not have a good adhesion to the nail, as it is often combined with other products, such as:
Resins and plasticizers are added to the nail polish to provide flexibility and strength, such as castor oil and glycerol.
To add color to the enamel, pigments are added. In the initial production time of the nail polishes, the pigments were water-soluble, but now they are dissolved in a solvent that evaporates after application.


Which various types exist and what are their differences?


Nail polishes can have different finishes:
Metals, which as the name suggests, resemble metal in its finish.
Pearls, which are nail polishes with fine pearly particles that give polishing a delicate and unique shine.
The glitter ones, which can be presented in small shiny round, star-shaped or square particles, suspended in transparent nail polish. However, it is important to note that there are several types of glitter nail polishes. Some of them have large glitter particles, while some of them have smaller sparkles that are more concentrated, such as Glitter Effect Nail Top Coat by KIKO.
Matte, which have no shine, just like Nail Enamel Matte by Inglot.
The basic ones, which promote a finish with a natural shine and exist in all kinds of colors, such as Dior Vernis by Christian Dior.


What is the most used packaging format and what are the most frequent sizes?


The nail polish packaging is a small bottle with a lid with a built-in brush to facilitate application.
Sizes vary between 7ml and 13ml, the most common being 10ml.


What to take into account when choosing a nail polish?


The main factor to consider when choosing a nail polish is its color. You should use the colors you are most comfortable with, but there are a few pointers to help you choose shades that will fit well with your skin color:
If you have fair skin, the ideal is to choose pastel colors, reds, purples and oranges.
In case you have a medium tone skin, you can choose reds, nude tones, roses, purples and blues.
If you have dark skin, a good option is dark colors, such as plum, wine red and burgundy tones.


What are the recommendations for use and tips?


Always start with your hands or feet washed. Then, thin the nails with a file until you obtain the desired shape, then polish the nails to obtain an even surface.
Apply the base nail polish, as it promotes the adhesion of pigments to the nails, you should also not forget to apply a finishing nail polish, as it will preserve a good appearance of the nail for longer.
Before starting to apply the nail polish, you should shake the bottle vigorously to ensure its uniformity. After that, remove the brush from the jar by removing the excess product, gently slide the brush from the top of the nail to the bottom, and the ideal is to apply several layers to ensure uniformity of application.


What are the pros and cons of using nail polish?


Nail polishes can have disadvantages, such as weakening the structure of the nails, causing them to become very thin and fragile.
Another important point is the removal of the nail polish, as strong solvents such as acetone are needed, which can be harmful to the skin.
On the other hand, the nail polish has the power to beautify and highlight the nails, making hands and feet more beautiful.



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