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Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano

Brand history


Kiko Milano was founded in 1997, in Italy, more precisely in Milan by Stefano Percassi and over time it gained fame for its professional cosmetic products at affordable prices with quality, which featured make-up, body and face treatments.



Concept and objectives


Kiko Milano is a brand that aims to create and innovate professional cosmetic products at good prices and thus expand to several countries, thus giving women a single mission, which is to allow themselves to be treated with the most innovative cosmetics without having to sacrifice their budget.
Currently, KIKO's main objective is to innovate cosmetics rich in exclusive technologies, thus giving maximum importance to skin care.



What to take into account when choosing this brand?


The Kiko Milano brand is a brand that focuses on creating cosmetic products and face and body treatments.
Therefore, people who want to buy make-up from this brand must first see what skin type will be considered and what color they want to get.
If you're thinking about getting face and body treatments, it's always good to see what kind of skin you have and what result you'll want to get on your skin.



Kiko Milano's collections


Hydra Pro – A collection created especially for skin hydration and protection through its hyaluronic acid formula and active ingredients and its own ActiGlow technology that helps boost natural beauty.


Pure Clean – A collection created with the objective of providing an excellent experience when cleaning and washing the skin. Tested on sensitive skin.



The most popular products of the brand


3D Hydra LipGloss is a moisturizing lipgloss with a 3D effect to get a super shiny result. The texture, soft and sensory, merges with the lips leaving them smooth and luminous. The extreme sensoriality enhances the application experience and the subsequent feeling of comfort. The application is easy and ultra-sliding, immediately adhering to the lips.


Unlimited Double Touch is a long-lasting liquid lipstick in 2 steps: an extraordinary combination of foundation with color and gloss for lips with an intense and luminous finish. The color sets on the lips for a lasting result for up to 12 hours. Foundation with color: its formula guarantees maximum comfort, an excellent grip on the lips and an even coloration. Blur proof and with a very fast drying time.


Lip Volume is a perfecting lip cream with volume effect, nourishes and moisturizes, reviving the natural color of the lips. The special formula, enriched with sesame seed extract and hyaluronic acid spheres, gives a brilliant volume effect, moisturizing and redefining the lips.


Smart Colour Mascara is a colored mascara with a panoramic volume effect. Thanks to its creamy and light texture, it is easy to apply even to the shortest lashes and releases an intense color with high pigmentation. It can be used alone or as a coating on top of a black mask, to add a touch of color to the look of the eyes.

Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick is a matte lipstick. Its creamy and ultra-dense texture gives the lips an intense opaque effect. The extreme sensoriality enhances the application experience and the subsequent feeling of comfort. The application is very slippery, color diffusion is immediate. The lipstick is long lasting.



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