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Cares to be taken in applying a perfume

Cares to be taken in applying a perfume

As the saying goes, the best perfumes come in small bottles. And taking advantage of the quantity of those bottles, it is worth remembering that a small portion of the fragrance is enough to becoming irresistible. The perfume has always been an indispensable accessory of seduction, however, when one exaggerates in the application, it’s most likely to cause the opposite effect, as it can cause headaches and nausea.

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Where to apply?

There are key areas where to apply perfume. Professionals refer to areas such as behind the ears, the side of the neck and the inside of the elbows and wrists, as they are sensitive areas where there is intense circulation of blood. Sometimes, you can also apply slightly above the chest area and stomach.

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How to apply?

After applying the fragrance on the skin, it must be absorbed naturally. In other words, contrary to popular belief, do not rub your wrists or other body part, since it undermines the pH of the skin and breaks the notes of the perfume, changing the original aroma.

If you do not want to put the perfume in a specific body part, you can stretch the arm against the body, sprinkle a maximum of 2 times and let a cloud of fragrance fall on you, which results in staying pleasantly smelling. Be careful not to spray in the face, especially in the eyes.

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When to apply?

Although you can put perfume when you desire, the ideal time to absorb the skin lasting fragrance is always after a good bath or shower, since the moisturized skin has higher absorption capacity. However, you should take attention to cream scents, avoiding to combine strong fragrances.

During the day, choose scents with refreshing and soothing fragrances and apply only in two of the already mentioned areas, spraying only once in each chosen place.

In summer, choose soft fragrances and don't exaggerate in the dosage as high temperature and sweat makes the fragrance becomes too strong.

During the night, give preference to perfumes with striking and seductive chords. It is allowed to exaggerate a bit and it may be applied in up to 4 zones, but also spraying only once in each chosen location, so as not to spoil the effect of the perfume.

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Special cares:

After applying perfume, you should wait and see if the skin is not irritated, because if it happens, you should leave aside that fragrance, since your skin is allergic to some of its ingredients.

You should avoid applying perfume before sun exposure because the perfume is a chemical and can cause burns and skin blemishes.

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