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Tips and tricks to better choose perfumes

Tips and tricks to better choose perfumes

Perfumes emanate an atmosphere that, like our favorite clothes, has an ideal time with which to combine, such as the season, mood, night or day.

The ideal time to try a new perfume is in the morning, when the smell is more accurate. Avoid choosing perfumes immediately after having been in smoky environments or with many strong aromas (restaurants, florists, hospitals, among other places).

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Never buy a perfume because you loved to smell it when someone else used it or because you smelled the perfume in the bottle and thought it was the one. Just as you try on a dress, a perfume also has to be tested on yourself.

When applied to the skin, a perfume is transformed because it triggers a chemical reaction between perspiration, aromatic molecules, oiliness and PH of the epidermis. The result? The perfume gains a new and unique identity, which means that the one who liked so much to smell in another person may not like it on yourself or vice versa.

When we apply a few drops of perfume to the body, our instinctive tendency is to "spread" the fragrance, usually with the wrists. Do not do this, as this will change the composition of the perfume, meaning you will end up not feeling its true essence and you can put aside a fragrance that could even be ideal for you.

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The fragrances also modify according to the temperatures to which they are exposed: a perfume is intensified in environments with high temperatures and lasts less time; in cool environments, the trend is for perfumes to stay active longer. In addition, the same perfume can emit a scent at home and another at the office where the air conditioner is running. That's why Autumn/Winter collections usually feature hot and intoxicating fragrances, rather than the Spring/Summer collections, where light and fresh aromas dominate.

Each perfume has three notes: the high - which is the first to evaporate and which feels immediately when it vaporizes; the middle - which develops later, a few hours after the application of the perfume and when the notes are evaporated high; and the low note - that encloses the true fragrance and which lasts several days to several months in both the body and the clothing. This means that it is important to let perfumes work before making a final choice.

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A perfume has a shelf life of approximately three years after opening, provided it is kept in a cool place and away from sun exposure. Some people recommend that colognes and eau de toilette be stored in the refrigerator to prolong its expiration date.

Did you discover the scent of your life? Perfect! But do not limit yourself to just this, be sure to try different aromas. The ideal is to use a perfume for work, another to go out at night, one for the weekend and save one exclusively for special occasions ... after all that is not what you do with your wardrobe and other accessories?

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Tips and tricks to better choose perfumes at Loja Glamourosa

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