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05 Feb

The Science of Regeneration by Neostrata

The Science of Regeneration by Neostrata

Neostrata is a world leader in cosmetics formulated with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids): a group of organic acids that effectively acts by renewing and hydrating the skin, on the face and in other areas of the body. The benefits of AHAs have been recognized in the most prestigious dermatological journals, in more than 50 studies on their effects.


The success of the skin care routine starts with the skin type. Neostrata created key collections based on its scientific research, all with the aim of achieving healthy looking skin at all stages of life.



Daily routine for photo-aged skin, this range is recommended as a post-peeling treatment. Formulated with lactobionic acid and gluconolactone, these high-tolerance formulas are able to reduce the signs of aging even in sensitive skin.



Line dedicated to improving the appearance and quality of oily and / or acne prone skin.
This range uses glycolic and salicylic acids to lighten the complexion, smooth the skin texture and minimize the appearance of blemishes.



A specialized collection of products that have smooth yet effective polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), even for the most sensitive skin types. These PHAs are known to help protect the skin's moisture barrier and increase the skin's antioxidant properties, while providing a gentle exfoliation. Ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive or reactive skin.



A collection of products that use the power of maximum levels of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) to soften and refine the skin's surface through targeted daily exfoliation. These products employ a Smart Amphoteric Complex gradual release system to help maximize skin tolerability when using high concentrations of AHAs. These products exfoliate the surface cells of the skin revealing the healthy and vital layers below. These products help to minimize the appearance of fine lines, smooth skin texture, reduce visible pores and reveal healthier looking skin.


Skin Active

A collection of premium products designed for maximum and noticeable results in powerful formulations, where results continue to grow over time. This collection features beneficial ingredients that are often combined into "complexes" to deal with the multiple concerns encountered during aging. This specialized collection presents options for repair and hardening needs. The products are designed to help decrease the appearance of visible expression lines and wrinkles and improve the loss of firmness and sagging skin. Each is formulated with powerful, high-quality ingredients with proven performance, including Retinol, Aminofil and NeoGlucosamine.


Targeted Treatment

Treatment of specific problems, with formulas elaborated to the specific concerns of each one.
A line composed of highly specialized products that complement and optimize cosmetic procedures, at the same time that they address common skin problems, such as melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.



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The Science of Regeneration by Neostrata at Loja Glamourosa

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