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Brand history


Mesoestetic was founded in the back store of a small pharmacy in central Barcelona by Joan Carles Font. It was born in response to the professionals of aesthetic medicine needed to find master formulas for their treatments on the market. The brand was known worldwide for its professional depigmenting method Cosmelan. A highly effective method against hyperpigmented melanic spots, with proven clinical results, and efficacy on any skin phototype and all ethnicities. The success of the Cosmelan method quickly drew attention to the other protocols of the brand, which currently conquer highly renowned medical-aesthetic offices.


Concept and objectives


Mesoestetic insists on the concept of Hygiene + Treat + Protect and aims to offer a set of face and body treatment products with innovative ingredients, which treat a set of beauty problems.

The professional range, with specialized treatments and appropriate to the individual concerns of each skin, has associated specific application protocols and included the stages of preparation, treatment and the final monitoring and home maintenance. It also tends to offer professionals the most innovative technology and the most effective treatments.


What to take into account when choosing this brand?


At Mesoestetic, skin aging can be organized in 4 degrees from which the brand presents treatment solutions appropriate to the manifestations of each one. Offers good products as a way to complement a routine that includes antioxidant and sunscreen serums and that seeks, above all, to act preventively.


The Mesoestetic Collections


Bodyshock – For those who have cellulite, this range offers a treatment 100% adaptable to your needs and that works in 6 strategic areas of your body: legs, abdomen and flanks, buttocks, arms, double chin and breasts. Combines professional treatment with home maintenance products.


Cosmelan Dermamelan – Range of products after the treatment applied at home to improve the luminosity and skin tone. Post-treatment creams applied at home to improve skin condition. This is a line of products for the reduction and elimination of pigmented spots (melanin).


Energy C – An antioxidant line with a high concentration of vitamin C for an incredible illuminating effect. Helps fight the first signs of aging. The line includes personal hygiene products and a professional salon treatment.


Grascontrol – Range for those who have cellulite. Nutritional supplements that facilitate digestive processes in a healthy and natural way, helping to control your weight.


Mesoprotech – An innovative range that offers the most advanced and complete photoprotective technology, while protecting against the harmful effects produced by UVB and UVA radiation, as well as against infrared (IR) and visible light (HEV).


Radiance DNA – It is an anti-aging line of global action, developed to treat signs and symptoms characteristic of advanced aging. Protects and repairs cellular DNA, preventing future damage and delaying premature aging.


Stem Cell – This range contains a professional regenerating facial treatment. Restructures the skin, provides greater density and firms the contour providing elasticity.


Ultimate W+ – A line formulated with an exclusive complex of active substances with whitening and illuminating action, anti-aging and moisturizing, preventive and protective. Powerful antioxidant action, reduces the effects of environmental aggressions and protects against ultraviolet rays and pollution.


The most popular products of the brand


Radiance DNA Essence is a concentrated remodeling serum, specifically formulated to replenish the skin in depth, ensuring a solid cellular cohesion and a potent rejuvenating action.


Collagen 360º Eye Contour is a state-of-the-art cream specially designed to treat the signs of peri-ocular aging. Stimulates fibroblasts to synthesize connective tissue components (collagen 1, Ui, IV) and polysaccharides.


Collagen 360º Essence is a serum for intensive treatment that reactivates the vital functions of the skin.


Melanogel Touch is a punctual depigmenting treatment of spots of melanic origin. It works by inhibiting the enzymatic mechanisms that produce melanin.


Aox Ferulic is a concentrated anti-aging treatment that inhibits the oxidative cascade produced by external aggressions in an immediate and lasting way.


Grascontrol Doble Efecto is a synergistic nutritional supplement, which facilitates the normal digestive process and bowel movements. In addition, it also improves, cares for and protects the digestive system, optimizing metabolism and toning.



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Brand history

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