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Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder

Brand history


The American Estée Lauder, (or Josephine Esther Mentzer before getting married), was born on July 1, 1910, in New York. At age 20, she married Joseph Lauter, who gave rise to the brand's name when it was founded in 1946, also in New York, launching four products: a cleansing oil, an all-purpose cream, a skin lotion and a pack of creams.


An interesting curiosity is that who developed the brand's first cream was an uncle of Estée Lauder who was a chemist.



Concept and objectives


Estée Lauder's idea is to give every woman in the world the right to be beautiful and with perfect skin. The products began to be sold in beauty stores, luxury hotels, vacation clubs, among many other places, opening the first store on 5th Avenue, in New York.


The Estée Lauder company, run by the family until 1995, is one of the world market leaders in terms of beauty products, perfumes and shampoos, basing its success on a good relationship with customers that includes offering samples.



What to take into account when choosing this brand?


Estée Lauder has treatments for all skin types, and for different stages and ages of women, respecting the specific needs of the skin. Therefore, you should take into account your skin type as all skins are not the same. Each product corresponds to a real need with an application method that improves its effectiveness and proven results.



Estée Lauder' collections


Revitalizing Supreme – With an exclusive extract that activates the natural ability to recover from the signs of aging, it amplifies the effects of collagen. It works to improve firmness, density and elasticity and should also reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


Resilience – This range uses exclusive technology to lift and sculpt the skin, leaving it firm and toned. Skin becomes firmer and more hydrated, lines and wrinkles appear reduced, your skin will glow.


Re Nutriv – This collection contains some of the most expensive ingredients in the world, including over 20 ingredients that have never been mixed in a jar of cream. Once you've tried these luxury skincare products, you'll immediately feel the difference. The textures are smooth and opulent and will leave your skin feeling absolutely amazing.


DayWear – This collection was designed to hydrate and soothe the skin. The two most important components of the range as a whole are antioxidant benefits and sun protection. As the name suggests, all of these products are designed to be used during your morning routine.


Advanced Time Zone – This line of products helps skin look and feel younger by quickly reducing lines and wrinkles, improving skin tone and firmness, and treating dullness and dehydration. Suitable for those who want a younger looking skin.


Advanced NightRepair – A perfect skin care collection for all skin types, but especially for those who are concerned about skin aging, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, opacity and dehydration. Super-concentrated and formulated with scientific and natural ingredients, each product in this range fits into your regular skin care routine and boosts your complexion.



The most popular products of the brand


Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10 is a base that remains unchanged for 15 hours. Absorbs oils. Adjustable medium coverage. Long-lasting make-up base that remains unchanged and looks natural and fresh, even after intense activity. smooth as silk.


Pure Color Love Lipstick is a bold and vibrant lipstick with an impressive and sublime color. Lips are smooth, soft and hydrated. The texture of the lipstick looks light but wonderful. And the smell? A cupcake suggestion makes it a little irreverent, very irresistible and absolutely addictive.


Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher is a serum that provides everything for you to have the skin you've always dreamed of. This serum acts instantly, polishing skin texture and smoothing pore visibility. Also see a 69% reduction in pore appearance in just 4 weeks. Feel your skin soft and smooth, without any unevenness or roughness. Notice how after a few days the skin appears clearer and more luminous, with an even more level tone. Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested. non-comedogenic.


Advanced Time Zone Wrinkle Eye is a highly effective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream for the eye area. It features the revolutionary Tri-HA Cell Signaling Complex, which actively helps the skin to stimulate its natural support structure to visibly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It immediately fills the skin surface and enhances natural luminosity, giving skin that looks smoother, with fewer lines and years younger. Dermatologically tested. Non-acnegenic. Contains SPF 15.


Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix is a concentrate with an ultra-nourishing skin-reinforcement formula with the innovative Matrix 360 technology, which provides a supportive pillow for a fresh, open look. Includes a custom massage applicator.


Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush is a blush that sculpts, defines and provides shine. Use this ultra-silky, luxurious powder for enhanced definition and a healthy glow. Dermatologically tested. Brush included.


Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eye Shadow is a palette of 5 creamy eyeshadows to brighten and define your look. Creates long-lasting results with creamy, shiny and metallic finishes. This pallet was built with different gradations of color, the lighter tones lift and brighten the look. Intermediate tones shape and contour and darker tones define creating a seductive smoky look.



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