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09 Jun

Protect yourself from the sun with Uriage's Bariésun

Protect yourself from the sun with Uriage's Bariésun

The sun has a beneficial effect on our body. It positively influences our mood and gives us light and warmth. Sun exposure also improves some skin diseases and is critical for the synthesis of vitamin D, very important in the absorption of calcium.

However, too much sun exposure can cause short-term sunburns, more commonly known as scalds and, in the long run, lead to the appearance of skin patches, early photoaging of the skin, and skin cancers such as carcinomas and melanomas.

Bariésun care guarantees maximum photo protection and safety in sun exposure. Enriched in Uriage Thermal Water of the Alps, they prevent photoaging and promote intense skin hydration. Featuring fluid textures, easy to scatter, invisible and a gentle scent, they leave the skin protected, moisturized and luminous throughout the summer.

For a skin in need of extreme protection, Bariésun XP Crème SPF50+ is the one that ensures the highest sun protection on the market. It has extreme sun protection on the exposed areas of the face and body. Indicated for very sensitive skin that does not support the sun, with pigmentation problems, post dermoesthetic acts, scars, and during photosensitizing therapies. Its slight coloration allows to disguise the imperfections and to uniform the skin of the face and body.


For normal skin, we have Bariésun Crème SPF50+ with and without perfume. With an invisible and fluid texture, leaves the skin of the face protected, soft and moisturized. To disguise imperfections of the face we have Bariésun Crème Teintée Dorée SPF50+ with color that adapts to all skin types. Ideal for use all year round.

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For more exposed sensitive areas we have Bariésun Stick Invisible SPF50+, a practical and easy-care application, ideal to strengthen the protection of sensitive areas such as cheekbones, nose and ears.



For normal to sensitive body skin we have Bariésun Spray SPF50+ with and without perfume.
It is practical to apply and easy to spread throughout the body.

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Also for normal to sensitive body skin we have Bariésun Lait SPF50+, which contains a silky texture, very easy to spread, effectively protecting sensitive and light skin from the sun. With a summer scent, it guarantees total safety and offers excellent application.


For the body and hair, we have Bariésun Huile Sèche SPF50+, which contains a smooth texture and fast absorption, guarantees a very high protection and lasting comfort to the skin exposed to the sun. It can also be applied to the hair, protecting it from dryness and preserving its natural beauty. Promotes smooth, hydrated and more luminous skin.


Available at Loja Glamourosa.

Protect yourself from the sun with Uriage's Bariésun at Loja Glamourosa

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