I feel empty inside.

Fill me with marvellous things!
10 Sep

Discover Sisley’s hair products!

Sisley is a brand that has always accustomed us to its excellent cosmetic care. But besides taking care of the skin, Sisley a
06 Aug

Take care of your hair with Klorane! (Part 2)

Following last week’s article, we are continuing today with some hair lines by Klorane. Linen Fibers Ideal for: fine hair
30 Jul

Take care of your hair with Klorane! (Part 1)

Klorane is a brand that for 50 years has been using carefully selected plant active ingredients to for hair and skin care. Kl
11 Jun

K-Pak or Moisture Recovery?

Joico is a brand that since 1976 provides exceptional hair care. But from its varied range there are two product lines that s
14 May

Oil: The Hair’s Best Friend!

Nowadays the hair oils stand out among brightness, hydration and regeneration treatments. Its added value is clear: lightness
16 Apr

Hair Loss – Women’s biggest enemy?

The loss of hair (which includes the natural hair renewal process), is completely normal, but the increase of female hair los
12 Mar

Hair schedule: How does it work?

The hair schedule was created with the goal of reconstructing the hair mass and all the nutrients we naturally loose daily, s
12 Feb

Myths about Hair

Myths exist in almost every area of our lives. Some are passed generation after generation and are law. But scientific studie
15 Jan

Tricks to Dominate Your Hair

How many of us have left the hairdresser feeling that that professional is magical? The hair looks perfect and, most of the t

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